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How Car Rental Companies Can Benefit From Fleet Tracking Management Systems

Benefits of Fleet Tracking

How Car Rental Companies Can Benefit From Fleet Tracking Management Systems

When the word fleet tracker is mentioned, very few people will first think of a car rental company. Fleet management is more popularly associated with huge transporter trucks and container ships. Yet the highlight of the day for any manager of a Limo rental company can be reconciling fleet utilization reports.

A fleet management system can effortlessly optimize the performance of limo services, whether the company has ten limos or a hundred limos. The work of keeping track of limo’s and managing them can be a daunting task in the absence of a tracking management system, even when there are only ten vehicles involved. The fleet management system software makes it possible for managers in the Limo rental company to be able to perfectly coordinate rental times and thereby have a car ready for every customer while not compromising profits.

The truth is that there are a lot of things involved in car rentals. Issues like health and safety management, diagnostics, vehicle financing, fuel and maintenance management and vehicle and mileage tracking are all activities that cannot be managed manually.

Fleet Tracking Management

Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Convenience – Fleet tracking softwares like the GPS tracker make management of a fleet of vehicle in a Limo rental company a cup of tea. The manager of the company simply has to follow up on the whereabouts of the vehicle from behind his computer screen.

Efficiencyfleet tracking systems enhance both the efficiency of fuel plans or of other extra expenditure by the Limo rental company. Since the tracking system is able to calculate the mileage the car has gone, the car rental manager can leverage this information for optimizing fuel spending.

Mechanical diagnostics – advanced fleet tracking systems are capable of connecting to the onboard computer of the automobile. From here it is able to gather information such as aspects that ensure compliance, fuel consumption and mileage. Fleet trackers are therefore capable of stopping employee moonlighting, and help recouping money and time.

Monitoring boundary violations – the common agreement between the buyer and the Limo rental company is in the most cases boundary restricted. In the event that they go past the agreed boundaries, the buyer of the rental service will be fined. It is difficult to tell if the buyer has stuck with the agreement in the absence of a GPS tracker.

Coordinate service checks and vehicle maintenance – coordinating vehicle maintenance is one task that most car rental managers find challenging, especially when there are many Limo cars involved. Road-incompliant cars attract a lot of fines which can negatively affect the growth of the company. Having efficient car management software helps the car rental manager to keep up with the required road service checks.

Recovery of stolen cars – companies that rent out Limo’s trust that their customers will return back the car. But sometimes you can be left nursing loses if the customer’s intention was not to rent, but steal the car. A GPS tracker is not just capable of locating the stolen car, it can also be used to remotely lock or unlock vehicle doors so that the thief doesn’t run away.